James Quinn Auricchio, Esq.

James Quinn Auricchio, Esq.

Former Assistant United States Attorney

Former Assistant District Attorney

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James Quinn Auricchio, is an attorney with offices in Western New York. His practice is focused on Criminal Defense in Local, State and Federal Courts. His main office is located in West Seneca, just south of Buffalo, New York.  He appears in Courts across Western New York. He is a native of Orchard Park, New York, and has lived most of his life in Western New York.  He is a father and remains active in the community, supporting causes such as Autism awareness and work for the intellectual disabilities, a cause close to his heart.

A 2000 graduate of the Law School at the State University of New York at Buffalo, he was admitted to the practice of law in 2001.  He subsequently served as an Assistant District Attorney in Monroe County, New York, Erie County, New York, was appointed as a Special Assistant United States Attorney and Assistant United States Attorney in the Western District of New York.  In 2009 he began private practice.

Practice and Perspective

His approach to every case is focused upon the client, not the charges against the client.  Once he determines the charges against any given client are viable, and that there is the potential for a possible criminal conviction, he begins working collaboratively with clients while protecting their rights and conducting a rigorous investigation of the evidence against his clients. With this approach, he has achieved some remarkable results.

“My goal in every case is to help my client get on the path they want to be on,” he said.  “If that means helping them work through addiction or abuse issues or emotional and mental health issues by collaborating with quality treatment providers, then I encourage and facilitate that. I also use it to my client’s advantage in their underlying case.”

In other cases, he says, clients are simply wrongfully accused, and are doing just fine without his help. “It happens more than we’d like to admit, but the Police make mistakes too. They’re human.  In most cases like that, hard work and integrity matter a lot. If you work hard to find evidence that contradicts the allegations, and its solid, it can mean great things for the client.”

Auricchio says that an aggressive investigation of his client’s case is a solid starting point.    “If I can present credible evidence through a thorough investigation of the allegations, I can often avoid a lengthy battle.  But you have to work cases like that pretty hard and you have to remain objective.  If the evidence doesn’t conclusively prove your client’s innocence, you have to be prepared to carry through to the end. In the end, the Government has the burden, and the work you’ve performed trying to establish your client’s innocence early on in the case will remain invaluable”

That approach paid dividends early in his career as a defense attorney.  “Another attorney asked me to step in on an attempted murder case,” he recounted. “In the days leading up to the trial, the Prosecutor provided last minute discovery materials.  I dug in and found evidence that indicated the supposed victim had fired a gun.  He left that out of his testimony before the Grand Jury and in his sworn statement to police. He had committed perjury.  More to the point, it raised the issue of a possible self defense claim for the client.  It was no small issue.   By the time we were done, the Prosecutor had no choice to but to dismiss the charges against him.”

In another notable case, Auricchio obtained evidence that Federal Agents had relied upon the word of an informant when their own surveillance evidence clearly contradicted him. “We got the recordings of the supposed drug deals that our client took part in.  The voice on the tape was this low growling voice.  The client’s voice on other recordings that did not involve any illegal acts, simply wasn’t a match. The client had a higher, distinctly different voice. That discovery resulted in the dismissal of charges against about 15 people and a change in policy by the United States Attorney’s Office on drug cases.  I’m really proud of that.”



I felt we were in good hands from the beginning. James has integrity and assured us he would handle all the details. He also told us what to expect . I can not recommend him enough. My son just moved to the Buffalo area. I feel secure in knowing he has an attorney close that he can count on. James handled our situation long distance, yet I felt he was close by. – A former client on Avvo.com


Those results have earned attention from the media, including the Buffalo News, The Chicago Sun-Times and others. He’s also earned praise from former clients.

A leader in the legal community, James Quinn Auricchio is a member of the Erie County Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, American Bar Association, New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the Western District of New York and is a proud participant in the Assigned Counsel Program for the Erie County Bar Association that provides access to skilled defense attorneys to people of limited financial resources.

He has earned awards from Martindale Hubbel, Super Lawyers, the Erie County Law Enforcement Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security.

Criminal Defense Attorney Buffalo

He is an instructor with the trial skills academy for the Assigned Counsel Program which provides trial technique guidance to new attorneys in criminal defense.


His experience proved invaluable not only in his ability to navigate adeptly through the court system but also by keeping me informed and calm through a difficult time with his reassuring demeanor and his words of confidence. And sure enough the matter played out exactly as he had predicted and I can’t thank him enough.

– Former client, Avvo.com.

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