Criminal Defense Attorney, Buffalo, New York

James Quinn Auricchio, Esq.

James Quinn Auricchio, Esq.

Former Assistant United States Attorney

Former Assistant District Attorney

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James Quinn Auricchio, is an attorney with offices in Western New York. His practice is focused on Criminal Defense in Local, State and Federal Courts. His approach to every case is focused upon the client, not the charges against the client. By working collaboratively with clients while protecting their rights and conducting a rigorous investigation of the evidence against his clients, he has achieved some remarkable results for many of his clients.  In most cases, he offers a free consultation for people interested in retaining his services.  To schedule an appointment, contact his office or call (716)941-4336.
Meet the lawyer.  Watch an interview with James Quinn Auricchio, here.  Now with offices in Orchard Park, New York!