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Body cameras are worn by the majority of the members of the Buffalo Police Department with a few notable exceptions such as narcotics officers.

They have published their policy and procedures for use.

These procedures are notable for the following provisions:

There are instructions for when an officer should record. When he stops recording, he should first announce why he will stop.

Each unit is docked for charging and upload of data by the officer at the end of watch. All upload activity is logged automatically.  A PDF report of synchronization can aggregate upload and edit data.

When a device malfunctions, an officer is required to swap it out as soon as possible and file a P-1385 form.

There is a procedure for uploading footage and a form used to memorialize the process. P-1375.

All video is retained for a minimum of six months.

Officers cannot access to edit.  Any access is logged.

The Buffalo Police use 550 Axon “Body 2” Body Worn Cameras (BWC).

Example footage:

Training videos on BWC use and video editing software.

Buffalo Police BWC axon_body_user_manual