Client Forms

Client Self Help Forms:

If your case has been resolved, you should request a certificate of disposition for your records.  A recent study revealed that mistakes are often made by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the agency responsible for collecting and storing data related to every criminal case in New York State Courts.  For that reason, we recommend you retain your own records in case the results in your case are incorrectly recorded or retained.  You should use this form for any infractions, violations, or misdemeanors.  Be sure to contact the Court to verify the appropriate fees and procedures, as each Court may have its own policies.


Assigned Counsel Forms

The Auricchio Law Offices of Western New York is proud to provide legal services to indigent clients with the assistance of the Assigned Counsel Program or Aid to Indigent Prisoners Program of Erie County.  If your are unable to afford an attorney you may contact the Assigned Counsel Program to apply for their program.  Please note that you may request a specific lawyer for your case, but the program is under no obligation to honor your request and will assign an attorney pursuant to its own policy.

We are not affiliated in anyway with the Assigned Counsel Program, other than to accept cases as assigned by their offices.

For Assigned Clients – Affidavit of Financial Status