Client Home

You got my letter! Great!  You’re here because I asked you to provide information about your life and your history that may be important during the case.  If you have been to court before, you might have noticed there are times when the Judge or Prosecutor asks the defense attorney a question about their client.  You might also notice that some attorneys don’t know the answer, so they turn to their client to answer it.

I think this sends a bad message.  It makes it look like the Attorney did not bother to get to know the client.  I would rather the Court know that I have taken the time to learn more about you, so that it is clear that I believe your case is important.  For that reason, I try to gather as much information as possible from my client as I can.  If you are not comfortable providing certain information to me, I understand, but please understand that the more accurate information you provide, the better equipped I will be in your defense.  So answer as much as you can.