Payment Plans and Programs

You didn’t plan on getting arrested, so you might be shocked when you learn that many criminal defense attorneys expect payment up front for their services.  That can put a serious strain on your finances, adding to an already stressful situation.  We can help.  Here’s how:

We accept Visa, Mastercard or discover cards as well as Google Wallet and Paypal. If those payment options don’t work, we canCredit Card Logos for Your Web Site discuss different options for payment.  Simply put, we want to help you and we recognize that our fees may be an added burden at the worst possible timBML Logo tagline stackede.  We also recognize that there are certain cases that call for a specialized approach, and we’ve created payment programs to make our services accessible to all.

Here’s an example of two of our programs:

First Time Last / Last Time Program

In many cases where a client has not been arrested before, the criminal justice system may provide a number of different options that makes your lawyer’s job a little easier.  Because many Prosecutors and Courts will give a first time offender a more lenient disposition in their case, your lawyer may not need to appear more than a couple times on your behalf.  If your record is clean and you are an enrolled student in high school or college, we can handle your case at a rate that is based on the most likely outcome of your case not the worst case scenario.  This means you save thousands while obtaining the best possible results in your case.  Our goal for clients charged for the first time is to protect their criminal record, leaving their future as bright as it was before their arrest.

Workforce Clients

You have a decent job, but that doesn’t mean you are rolling in cash.  For clients that are employed full time, we offer payment plans that allow them to spread out payments as long as 12 months, regardless of the status of their case.   All you need to do is provide a credit or debit card number in your name and sign a payment agreement, then installments will be deducted from your account as you choose.  You can split up your payments any way you like.

Healthcare and Education Clients

Clients that work in the healthcare industry have a lot to lose if their case goes badly. Experience has allowed us to protect many clients from the collateral consequences of an arrest, including action against their professional licenses and employment.  While this may make your case slightly more complicated from your attorney’s perspective,  we offer services at a reduced rate to people that work in the healthcare and education, because we believe they do important work and they shouldn’t have to pay more because they have more to lose.

Web Direct Traffic Ticket Help

Traffic tickets cost a lot more than most people realize.  But we’ve handled hundreds of traffic tickets for people from around the world and learned a lot about the various traffic courts in Western New York as a result.  That experience allows us to handle most traffic matters quickly and effectively, obtaining the best possible results for clients without the hassle that comes with many other types of cases.  We pass on the savings to our clients by offering our services at a flat rate that is usually between $250 and $350.  We want our clients to save money, so we make sure that we never charge more than our services are worth. If we can’t save a prospective traffic client money, we won’t take their case.  You can find out more, here.