Lawyers per capita: Erie County’s got enough.

The New York Law Journal released its annual census for lawyers in New York State.  No fava beans and a nice Chianti, just numbers, but Erie County has a disproportionate share of lawyers compared to neighboring counties, perhaps in part due to the presence of the University at Buffalo Law School.  Erie has one lawyer […]

Will this go on my permanent record?

One of the biggest questions clients have about their case is, “Will this go on my permanent record?” Short Answer: Unless your case resolves in a criminal conviction, the records of your arrest should be sealed; Make sure to obtain a certificate of disposition at the end of your case so that you are certain […]

The importance of honesty

I have accepted cases from various assigned counsel programs since becoming a defense attorney.  I continue to accept them because I enjoy helping people and the challenge that many of these cases offer.  There are other reasons too, but that’s not the point, here.  The point is, not every case is fun and not every […]

A second chance, well earned

In 2011, I got a phone call from a man whose son had been convicted of a Violent Felony in Wayne County, New York.  The judge sentenced him to a lengthy prison sentence, something he thought was unfair.  His son was just 18 when he committed the crime, he had struggled with addiction and lost […]

Protecting your criminal record

New York State compiles and maintains records of all criminal convictions in its Court system, but a recent study by the Legal Action Center revealed that errors in those records are more common than they should be. The study reviewed thousands of criminal records and compared them with the records maintained by the Court system. […]

Jail, Bail and Recongizance

Understanding Bail in State Courts If you have been charged with a violation of New York State Law and are brought before a judge in a town, village or city court, the Judge may require you to post bail to ensure your return to court. At your first court appearance, the Judge will make a […]

What does your lawyer do for you?

Reviewing your case…. Here’s a general guide to the things any good criminal law will look for when they analyze your case.  It is often difficult for lawyers to describe what they do, particularly in a criminal case, to earn their fee.  This is an attempt to describe, in general terms, the process of reviewing […]