Sean F. Auricchio


“In January of 2013, our son Sean, passed away suddenly at the age of 6.  He was a smart and happy boy, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2.  While we were fortunate to have the very best educators, doctors, and therapists working with him, we were always proud of him, just the way he was.  Sean inspired me, every day, to practice compassion, kindness, and to never take myself too seriously.

His life had a profound impact on me, even before he died.  A short time after his diagnosis, it occurred to me that I could not count on others to show my son compassion and empathy if I was not practicing it myself in my everyday life.  I felt that I couldn’t practice those beliefs as a prosecutor, and although I am proud of my work during the nearly nine years I worked to for the Government, I made the decision to enter private practice and to focus on criminal defense, because I realized it was a tremendous opportunity to give others the gift that my son had given me.  I am often asked by former co-workers, police officers and agents that I worked with, why I ‘switched sides’.  It has always been difficult to answer that question, in part because my decision was deeply personal and based upon core values that I have come to hold dear.  It’s simply not something I really wanted to talk about in a passing conversation.

A wise man once told me that it is impossible to separate who you are at home from who you are at work.  You are the same man, regardless of where you are, because you are defined by your actions.

He had boundless energy and enthusiasm for the simplest joys in life, and never took anything or anyone for granted.  His life is over, but his life will always be a part of who I am and what I do.”

— Jamie Auricchio

Sean Auricchio passed away in 2013.