Ashford Town Court, New York

Ashford Town Court

9377 Route 240,

West Valley, NY 14171

Most common matter:  Vehicle and Traffic Law Infractions and Violations, such as VTL§1180.

Most common case we handle here:  Speeding, NYS VTL §1180.

Our office is about 20 minutes from the Courthouse in Ashford, New York.  We handle dozens of traffic tickets in Ashford Town Court at any given time.  If you performed an internet search and found this page, congratulations.  Most lawyers and firms that come up when you search Ashford Town Court are hundreds of miles away. Some even hire us to appear for them.

If you got a ticket while driving through the Town of Ashford, New York, you can handle your ticket through our office for less than the cost of pleading guilty.

If you are from out of town, we can handle it without the need for you to appear.  We offer this service for less than the cost of pleading guilty.  Send us your ticket by using this form, and we’ll respond within a couple of hours.  I am a local attorney that lives about 20 minutes north of Ashford along route 219. In fact, I got married in Ellicottville, which you probably visited in your travels.  While my practice focuses primarily on defense of more serious matters, I’ve developed a substantial vehicle and traffic practice as well, and I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Our office handles dozens of tickets in Ashford Town Court at any given time, so we are familiar with the Court’s procedures and policies. As a result, we’d like to think we provide exceptional service and more importantly, exceptional results to our clients.  To ask for a free review of your case to see what your best option is, go here.

We are able to handle traffic tickets in this Court quickly and efficiently, sometimes within a couple of days, all without the need for our out of town clients to appear in Court. In most cases we are able to eliminate the points that our clients would otherwise face, and reduce the fine imposed by the Court.  Because we handle so many cases here, we can offer our services at a reduced rate without sacrificing quality.  In fact, we’ve been told by a number of clients that our fees are about half what other law firms would charge.

We keep our fees low by keeping the process simple.  Once you’ve sent your ticket and your email address to us, we use the information you’ve provided to prepare all of the necessary legal forms to handle your case and send you an email to explain the process.  The process takes miQuickChART 26nutes, and it could save you hours of your time and hundreds of dollars.

If you plead guilty, you’re missing the point

Some people think that if they get a speeding ticket in Ashford Town Court that they have no choice but to plead guilty.  That’s simply not true.  A conviction for speeding will result in points on your license. New York shares speeding convictions with most States and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec, so it doesn’t matter where you are from.  That means your insurance could increase by as much as 30 percent over three years.

But we can help.  In most cases, for less than the total cost of pleading guilty, we can handle your matter without you.  Once we have your authorization and your driving record, we’ll negotiate a plea bargain with the Court’s Prosecutor and send you the results by email.  Once you’ve paid your fine, the matter is over with.  In most cases, the ticket will not be recorded on your driving record, won’t result in any points, and won’t effect your insurance.


Ashford Town Court Information

Ashford Town Court is located at 9377 Route 240, West Valley, NY 14171. The phone number for Ashford Town Court is 716-942-6016.

There are two elected justices: the Hon. Carl Stiles and the Hon. Richard Neumann, Jr. The Court is staffed with a number of exceptional Court Clerks who are very helpful and kind. Ashford Town Court’s official website can be found here.  The judges in this Court are generally regarded as tough but fair.

Ashford is a small town, but it’s court is busy. State Route 219 winds through its borders, and the speed limit changes dramatically along the way. There are a number of common “speed traps” on this route as a result. We commonly handle traffic tickets for people that were stopped on their way to beautiful Ellicottville, New York, home of Holiday Valley Ski Resort and Holimont Ski Club. Ellicottville is also home to a number of festivals all year round.

Two police agencies are primarily responsible for law enforcement in Ashford: The New York State Police Troopers and the Cattaragus County Sheriff’s Office.

If you do a search using the terms Ashford Town Court, Ashford Justice Court, Ashford Traffic Court or similar terms, you will likely find that there are a number of statewide law firms that will handle your ticket for you, but few have the experience and knowledge that we provide to our clients. Many of these firms aren’t even located close to Ashford.  I’d like to think it makes a difference, but I can only speak for the results I’ve gotten for my clients.

Past outcomes do not guarantee future results.  But then, they never do.

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