Orchard Park Town Court, New York

Orchard Park Town Court (Orchard Park Justice Court)

4295 South Buffalo Street
Orchard Park, New York 14127
Phone:  (716)662-6415
Fax:  (716)662-6416
Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Call ahead to verify.
Generally, the Court holds a criminal calendar on the third and fourth Tuesday of the month. Traffic is held on the first and second Tuesday.
Source:  http://orchardparkny.org/content/Courts
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The Erie County District Attorney’s Office handles misdemeanors and some violations. The ADA responsible for this Court changes regularly due to attrition, however you can call (716)858-2400 to find out the current ADA.
The Town Prosecutor is currently Timothy Gallagher, Esq. You can contact him by send correspondence to c/o the Court.

Q. What should I do if I got a Traffic Ticket in Orchard Park, NY?
A.  It’s usually a bad idea to just plead guilty.  If you are charged with a moving violation, such as speeding, a conviction may result in points being assessed against your license.  Orchard Park Town Court has a Town Prosecutor that may permit you to negotiate a reduction of your ticket.  It is usually best to mail your ticket in with a plea of “Not Guilty”. The Court will mail a Court date back to you within 2 to 4 weeks. The purpose of that appearance will be to meet with the Prosecutor to discuss a possible reduction.  If you have a clean driving record and there are no other aggravating factors, you may be able to obtain a reduction to a non-moving violation, however you may be required to appear in Court once or twice to facilitate this.  Be sure to bring a copy of your driving record with you to any Court appearances.  If the ticket you received was a result of an accident, you should contact your insurance company to obtain a letter that verifies coverage on the date of the accident.
If you are unable to appear in person the Court may accept a waiver of your appearance if you retain an attorney to handle your matter.  James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., charges a flat fee for most traffic tickets.  His fee in Orchard Park Town Court can be as low as $150.


Orchard Park Town Court is responsible for the adjudication of Misdemeanors, violations and infractions alleged to have been committed in Orchard Park, New York.  There are two experienced Town Judges:  Lynn Wessel-Keane and Edward Pace.

Both are well regarded by the legal community as reasonable but firm judges that are knowledgeable and professional.

The Court is well staffed with two experienced clerks who are considered accommodating and reasonable.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Orchard Park, New York, we would be happy to help you. Please call (716)941-4336.  No matter what you do, please keep in mind that if you have been arrested, you should contact an attorney before your first Court appearance.

About Orchard Park, New York….

In addition to being the Birth Place of James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., Orchard Park is also home to the Buffalo Bills and Ralph Wilson Stadium.


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James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., was born and raised in Orchard Park, and he has lived there most of his life. He appears in Orchard Park Town Court and Orchard Park Village Court regularly and has handled charges brought to that Court for clients from across the Country and Canada. He is a former Assistant District Attorney and Assistant United States Attorney.

DWI Defense, Orchard Park, NY

The most common charge he handles in that Court is Driving While Intoxicated, under Vehicle and Traffic Law §1192(2) and 1192(3).  If you have been charged with DWI in Orchard Park, please call for a free phone consultation.  There are some important steps a person charged with DWI should take before their first appearance in their case, so it is important to speak with a lawyer quickly after your arrest, particularly if you hope to hold on to your privilege to drive while your case is pending.

When a client is charged with DWI, we make certain to prepare the necessary legal motions together with the necessary information so that our client has the best possible chance of retaining their privilege to drive.  At your first appearance in Court, the Judge will make a determination on whether to suspend your license and more importantly, if he does, whether he will grant you a hardship license while your case is pending.  Unless you appear with a lawyer that has experience handling Driving While Intoxicated Offenses, you will probably lose your license until you can make an application with the necessary information required under the law.

We also begin the process of coordinating the necessary evaluations the law requires in most DWI arrests.  We refer clients to several independent drug and alcohol counselors, who will determine whether the client requires addiction  or abuse therapy, and if so, what type or modality of treatment is indicated.  This allows our clients to establish that, regardless of their guilt or innocence, they have taken the charges seriously and that they are proactively addressing any concern that they may have about their use of alcohol.

Once a client appears in Court and we obtain all of the reports, tickets, accusatory instruments witness statements and other documents, Mr. Auricchio conducts a thorough evaluation of the case against his client.

That analysis begins with determining whether the Police followed the letter of the law when it comes to DWI, whether the Prosecution can prove the case against the client and what defenses may successfully impact the case.  It also includes a review of the reasons the client’s car was stopped, whether the Field Sobriety Tests were administered in compliance with the law and science and whether the Blood Alcohol Analysis was administered and recorded properly.

If that review indicates that there are facts which suggest the client’s rights were violated, even if unintentionally, motions are filed to request judicial review of the charges, and when necessary, fact-finding hearings to determine various issues before trial.  A former Felony DWI Prosecutor, Mr. Auricchio has handled hundreds of DWI cases in Western New York from both sides.

These issues may be important when the charges against a client and the facts surrounding their arrest fall outside of the Prosecutor’s guidelines for offering a reduced charge.  By raising potential issues with the Prosecutor, your lawyer can often secure a more lenient plea.  When the issues are so significant that it is believed the client may succeed at trial, preparation begins with determining the trial strategies and approaches that are most likely to succeed.

There are a number of different approaches and nuanced issues that may work in any given case, and not every DWI arrest results in a conviction.  However, even if there are no issues in your case, it is possible to avoid a conviction for the most serious charges against you.

This is important because the penalties for DWI are severe.  The fines and surcharges imposed in a common DWI can be over $2000. Changes in the law impose an even greater impact on people convicted of DWI, with required Ignition Interlock Devices and prolonged license revocation for many offenders.  An experienced attorney may be able to avoid many of these more severe sanctions and minimize the impact of your arrest.

If a client is convicted, either by admitting their guilt in Court and pleading guilty, or by a verdict following a trial, Mr. Auricchio commonly presents the Court with information about the client and their circumstances before and after their arrest to secure the most favorable sentence the law allows.

Successful defense of a DWI charge requires more than merely knowledge of the law, it requires comprehension of all of the factors at play in your case, and an understanding of what the likely outcome will be based upon various decisions made in your defense.  If you have been arrested for DWI, you should call (716)941-4336 for a free consultation before you go to court.

Drug Possession Defense Attorney, Orchard Park

Other Charges commonly handled in Orchard Park Town Court include Drug and Narcotics offenses, most commonly Penal Law §220.03.  As a former Narcotics Prosecutor for both the State and the Federal Government, James Quinn Auricchio, Esq. serves as defense attorney for many people charged with drug crimes.

His work as a Prosecutor led the Erie County Law Enforcement Foundation to present Mr. Auricchio, as a member of a multi-agency task force with five detectives from WNY,  with its annual community service commendation.  Later as a Federal Prosecutor, Mr. Auricchio received a commendation from the Department of Homeland Security for his work on numerous international drug trafficking cases.

More recently as a defense attorney, Mr. Auricchio has adopted a collaborative approach to defending drug related cases.  In situations where a client has concerns about their drug use, Mr. Auricchio collaborates with numerous independent treatment providers to help his clients decide whether they require treatment, and when they do, he advises them on how to pursue treatment while actually improving the result of their case.

This collaborative approach is not unique or unprecedented, but it has allowed some of Mr. Auricchio’s past clients to obtain remarkable results in serious cases.  Frequently, clients that follow this approach receive reduced sentences and substantial reductions of the charges they faced.  When clients engage in treatment successfully, it can have a significant impact on their ultimate sentence.

His experience as a Prosecutor allows him to identify any mistakes or issues in the case against his client.  Even in cases where Mr. Auricchio obtains a substantial a dismissal or acquittal in a case, clients have benefited from this approach by learning from the treatment experience, and commonly continue treatment well after their case ends.

It is important for anyone charged with a drug crime to understand their options for treatment, but there are a number of strategies and approaches that have a greater potential for a positive impact on the case.  When drug cases are mishandled or a client engages in less effective treatment methods with little collaboration between counselor and counsel, the client can ultimately pay a more significant price for their attempt at recovery.

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James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., is a licensed attorney in the State of New York. His practice is located in the Greater Buffalo Niagara Region and he appears in Courts across Western New York.

Past results do not guarantee future results.  Every case is unique, every client different.  This article is not intended to provide legal advice. For legal advice consult a qualified Attorney.  This is an Attorney Advertisement presented on a website maintained by Auricchio Law Offices of Western New York (c) 2014.  It is current as of March 16, 2014.  Modified May 13, 2014.

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