Federal Court

There are few attorneys in Western New York with the experience necessary to handle complex criminal cases in United States District Court.

James Quinn Auricchio, Esq., is a former Assistant United States Attorney who once worked with the DEA, FBI, ATF, Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security prosecuting a range of cases from Drug Trafficking to Wire Fraud.

After nine years as a prosecutor,  he left public service and began work as a defense attorney, opening his offices in May of 2009.    He appears routinely in the United States District Court for the Western District of New York, in both Rochester and Buffalo.

While past results do not predict future outcomes, here are just some of the results he’s obtained in Federal Court while defending people:


  • United States District Court, WDNY, 2012 –  Charges against a Niagara Falls man were dismissed after we proved to the Prosecutor that the informant had fabricated the evidence against him.
  • United States District Court, WDNY, 2014 – Charges against a Buffalo man were dismissed by the Prosecution after we showed that the allegations made in a criminal complaint were false.
  • United States District Court, WDNY, 2013 – After numerous hearings and motions, the client accepted a plea deal that called for over ten years in prison we successfully convinced a judge to impose less than four years, despite a claim by the Prosecutor that he was a “career offender”.
  • United States District Court, WDNY, 2011 – though the sentencing guidelines and the prosecutor asked for a lengthy prison sentence, we successfully argued for probation and proved that the restitution requested by the alleged victim was grossly overstated. Instead of paying over $600,000, our client was ordered to pay less than $40,000.


If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in Federal Court, you should be careful to select an attorney with experience and knowledge of the law and procedures that are meant to protect you.  The law is supposed to protect us all, but if your attorney does not have experience or knowledge in Federal Court, what he doesn’t know could hurt.

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