DWI Defense: Our approach is different.

Our approach is different. It’s the result of 13 years of study and experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney,  and it works.

There are a lot of really good lawyers in Western New York that can make a big difference, but if you start calling around and only get more worried, you might be calling the wrong people. The right lawyer for you will help ease your concerns and help you see the path ahead without scaring you.   So unless you’re into being scared or freaked out, please call me to discuss your case.  (716)941-4336.

There are a ton of lawyers that advertise themselves as “DWI Defense Lawyers” and more than a few that claim they are the best. But as someone that has practiced law, almost exclusively in Criminal Defense for 13 years, I don’t see a lot of these lawyers in Court very often.

Some lawyers will tell you that a first time DWI will cost you as much as $10,000 and they’ll tell you about all the things that could go wrong.   Chances are, you’re plenty scared, ashamed and nervous already.  Telling you about all the things that could go wrong if you don’t hire them isn’t really helpful, and I don’t think I need to scare people into hiring me.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and Google, “DWI Attorney Buffalo”. You’ll find a lot of fancy websites with images of prison bars and handcuffs by firms that advertise across the state as “local” attorneys.  They spend a lot of time and money on marketing, leaving very little time for the study and practice of law or their clients.

Much better looking in person, James Auricchio.

Much better looking in person, James Auricchio.

My name is James Auricchio. A lot of people call me Jamie. I’ve been an attorney since 2001.  I was a prosecutor for about 9 years, but I got tired of the job.  I decided to become a defense attorney because I wanted to make more money, but then I discovered that I actually like helping people more than I like money.  I like working hard to protect people and helping them move closer to their potential.

I’ve learned that kindness and compassion are more important than law and order. I’ve learned that people are more likely to respect fairness than authority.  I’ve learned that I don’t have to be “aggressive” to get the best possible results, I just have to work hard for my clients and never compromise their rights or their integrity.

I am certain that this approach serves my clients well. I am confident that I obtain the very best possible results for my clients and help them find their way.

My job is to help you get through this with the least amount of damage as the law allows, to make sure the Government keeps its obligation to uphold our rights, and that you are given a fair opportunity to defend yourself.  If you want an attorney that will do what ever it takes to help you get away with it, move on.  If you want someone that will defend you and not just your mistakes, call me: 716.941.4336.

I’m not a DWI lawyer.  I am a defense attorney. I don’t defend DWI. I defend my clients. I don’t defend their mistakes, I defend their rights.  I don’t justify their actions, I work to make sure that, before the Government can take away a person’s rights, they’ve done all that the law requires.

I don’t defend crimes. I defend people and their rights.

That means I hold the Government accountable and put them to the test. It means that I spend a lot of time learning and understanding the law and how it is intended to protect each of us from the Government.  It means that I make certain that the Police, Prosecutors and Courts follow the law and that each and every one of the rights provided to my client under our system are honored.

I protect my clients. I don’t help my clients “get away with it.”  I believe that before the Government can take away your rights, it must protect them.  Unfortunately, there are some prosecutors, judges and cops that seem to think your rights are not as important as your wrongs.  Sometimes, even good people in law enforcement make mistakes because they forget that the laws they enforce include the laws that protect individual freedom.

(c) 2010 Charles Lewis, Buffalo News

(c) 2010 Charles Lewis, Buffalo News

It happens more than I’d like, and more than the powers that be are willing to admit.  It takes hard work and dedication to uphold the law and make sure that my clients are protected, but its worth it.

If I am going to defend you, I need to get to know you.  I don’t really care what you’re accused of, I care about what you’re going to do next, and what I can do to help you get there.

I spend a lot of time studying and researching the law and investigating my clients’ cases to obtain the best possible results.  It means that I spend a lot of time reading and learning the latest developments in the areas of law that are relevant to my work.  It means I work hard to make sure that I know when there have been new cases or statutes that may help my clients.

I call on a lot of my experience as a Prosecutor, where I took the same courses that Police take to learn how to investigate a DWI.  I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the tests and procedures that the police use. These tests aren’t foolproof, and sometimes mistakes result in my clients being overcharged or unfairly accused of things they haven’t done.

That experience has allowed me to obtain some pretty remarkable results for my clients.  The things I’ve learned since becoming a defense attorney have helped me obtain great results, even when the police don’t make mistakes.

My approach is the result of my experience and the lessons I’ve learned over the last 13 years.  It’s an approach that I am confident in.  It’s not the easy way, it’s a deliberate and informed approach that is focused on the client, not just their case.

Our Fees generally start at $1500 to $2000, for misdemeanors,  depending on the charges filed.  We generally see a resolution of most cases within two months, but some cases do take longer, if a delay benefits our client.  Most cases don’t require any more than our minimum flat fee.”

If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer, or a DWI lawyer in Buffalo, Rochester or Niagara Falls, please call us today to schedule a complimentary appointment, by phone or in person, to discuss your case.  Mr. Auricchio’s direct line: 716-941-4336.

For more information on what to expect when charged with DWI, go here. Past results do not predict future outcomes, but they never do.