Lawyers per capita: Erie County’s got enough.

The New York Law Journal released its annual census for lawyers in New York State.  No fava beans and a nice Chianti, just numbers, but Erie County has a disproportionate share of lawyers compared to neighboring counties, perhaps in part due to the presence of the University at Buffalo Law School.  Erie has one lawyer for every 173 residents, while Niagara County has only one for every 536.

There are worse counties, such as New York (Manhattan) where there’s a lawyer for every 19 people.  Albany has a lawyer for every 65, while Westchester County (87:1) just barely beat out Nassau County (93:1).  Erie is distant fifth place.

The best place to live for people that suffer from Dikigorosophobia (which is a thing), is apparently Hamilton County, with just 17 lawyers.

On the Western edge of the state, where I practice, Wyoming and Allegany County have only 99 lawyers total.  Which makes me wonder, what do they do for fun?