Practice Areas


 Criminal – At the Auricchio Law Office, we provide a skilled and thorough defense for individuals accused of committing a crime. Mr. Auricchio has extensive experience, ranging from minor offenses to those charged with serious felony crimes. Take a look at some of our most recent results, and you’ll see what we’ve done for our clients.  Experience in this area has allowed Mr. Auricchio to achieve dramatic, sometimes stunning results for his clients.

His practice focuses on criminal defense.  As a result he appears in Courts across Western New York, including Rochester, Niagara Falls, Buffalo and the Southern Tier.  That area is filled with some of the best attorneys in the United States, and Mr. Auricchio’s diverse background has allowed him to achieve unparalleled success in that competitive and challenging market place.

Traffic – If you have received a traffic ticket and wish to minimize the consequences, we can help. We have dealt with hundreds of people charged with traffic violations and infractions. Because we are well versed in dealing with Town and Village Courts, we can deal with your traffic case quickly and effectively.

Estate Planning – Personal experience means knowing what is necessary to make certain that when you pass, you are leaving more than questions for your family.  There’s more to estate planning than a will, and in fact, estate planning is more important for the “99 percent” of us than it is for the one percent.  Cost effective solutions can save you and your family added heartache and money.  We draft wills, life estates, special needs trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies and living wills after an extensive review of your situation, all for a lot less than you would think.


Business Formulation – Small businesses make up an important part of our client roster.  There is truly nothing more rewarding than helping business owners achieve their dreams.  From franchise agreements and negotiations, to development and formation, we are perhaps most proud of our business clients, who operate everything from consulting firms to fast food restaurants.


Tax Law – Our focus on Tax law is centered primarily upon New York State Sales tax audits and investigations. Drawing off his tenure as one of the most successful Criminal Tax Prosecutors in New York State, Mr. Auricchio is a fluent and formidable advocate for his clients, one that has been able to achieve dramatic results for his clients.