Traffic Ticket Help


James Quinn Auricchio, Esq.

James Quinn Auricchio, Esq.

Please don’t plead guilty to speeding or any other moving violation in Western New York without contacting me, or any experienced defense attorney.  You can have a decent lawyer review your case quickly, and for free. I think I’m a decent lawyer.  I might be more than just decent but I don’t like bragging.

LINK:  Ask me about your traffic ticket. It’s free and somewhat simple.  You can also call me at 716-941-4336.  I probably won’t answer, because I am usually in Court during the day,  but I’ll call you back in a little while.

If you handle it right, you can hire a lawyer and actually save money, compared to pleading guilty. There’s nothing wrong with defending yourself and trying to get the best possible result in your case.  There is something wrong with taking a header on your traffic ticket just because you think you deserve it or don’t want to be difficult.  We all make mistakes. Lighten up.  And maybe… slow down.  Just a little bit.

Simply put, you’d be crazy to plead guilty to a speeding ticket. Not the good kind of crazy, like spring break crazy. The bad kind of crazy, like eating glass.  Or washing your face with a brillo pad and turpentine.

I can help.  It’s what I do.  It’s not all that I do, I do other things too, but it’s one of the things I do.  I help people save money on their traffic tickets.

Fines, surcharges and the impact on your insurance premiums can make the total cost of a single ticket over a thousand bucks, all because speeding is a moving violation that will cause points to be assessed to your license.

Save1341For four years, I have been defending people in Courts across Western New York and I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  I handle about 200 tickets each year, I think.  But it varies.

In most cases, I can eliminate points, get a lower fine, and save you a trip or two to Court.  If I take your case, I’ll charge you a flat fee that is based upon the amount of time it takes me to handle most tickets in that Court and less than the cost of pleading guilty.

It’s not cool to gouge people just because they got caught speeding, and I’m a pretty cool guy. I like being cool, and I like helping people, it’s fun.

What do I have to do to get help?

It’s simple.  Send me an email or use the form to tell me about your ticket.

Within a few hours, sometimes longer if I am away from my computer, I’ll take a look at your ticket and send you an email that tells you upfront what my fee will be and what I can do for you.  I often tell people they are better off handling it themselves and even give them free advice on how to do it.

But if you don’t want to appear in Court or you have a lot to lose because of your job or your prior record, then I’ll tell what I can do, and if you decide to retain me, I’ll email you the legal waiver and authorization along with a link to pay my fee. Once the fee is paid, I contact the Court and take it from there.

How does it work?

In most courts, I meet with the Prosecutor and negotiate a disposition on your behalf. After the Court sets the fine, I’ll email you a notice that gives you instructions on how to pay the fine.

How can you save money?

Here’s an example based upon past cases:

Let’s use an example of “Steve”.   Steve went on a vacation with his family to beautiful Ellicottville, New York.  On his way there, he got a souvenir from a State Police Officer, a speeding ticket for going 57 in a 35 MPH zone.


Not really “Steve” but you get the idea.

By now, you probably know that points on your license can cause your auto insurance premiums to go up between 30 and 50 percent, for as long as those points are on your license.  Even if you aren’t from New York, points from New York can be posted to your license, because New York shares its records with 38 States, Ontario and Quebec.

While Steve enjoyed his stay in Ellicottville, he doesn’t have the time or the money to drive back to handle it himself.  Like most people, at first Steve thought that pleading guilty was his only real option.

Steve could plead guilty, but if he does, he’ll pay dearly.  Instead, Steve emailed his ticket to us. Within a few hours, he received the legal waiver necessary to let us handle his case without him, so he never had to come to Court.  He signed the waivers, paid our fee, and sent a copy of his driving record using the link we provided for his DMV.  He handled his ticket in ten minutes, and saved $518.

You help people get off easy for breaking the law.  How do you sleep at night?

On my side. If I sleep on my back I snore and my wife get’s all like “wake up, you’re snoring.” Then I’m like, I wasn’t even sleeping how could I be snoring.  Then she’s like, “I’m going to record you with my phone next time.” Anyway,  the truth is, I think the law is a little bit harsh when it comes to speeding tickets. Most people don’t deserve to pay the fines and surcharges set by the law, because most people are decent drivers that just make a dumb mistake or get distracted.

I don’t just handle traffic tickets all day, that would drive me nuts. I spend most of my time handling serious cases in Local, State and Federal Courts, but getting good results for good people is a lot of fun for me.

You’re all jokey and stuff, will you really take my case seriously?

Yes.  I promise.  Not because you asked, but because helping people makes me feel better about myself.  That, and if I didn’t take it seriously I think they’d kick me out of the lawyer’s club, or the bar association or whatever it’s called.  Turns out you got to be licensed and stuff to be a lawyer, which was really hard, so it would be stupid to just waste all that effort.

Seriously, one of my favorite things is getting an email from a client who tells me how happy they are with the results in their case.  It makes me really proud and makes me smile.

Past results do not guarantee future outcomes.  Then again, they never do.

If you don’t see a form above this text, try this one.

There are a lot of lawyers that will gladly take your money for a traffic ticket, even if they aren’t exactly sure how to handle it.

Some charge as much as $500! for a simple speeding ticket. That’s nuts.  The truth is, I can handle tickets efficiently because I’ve been doing it for a while, so I can charge less.  I only handle tickets in Western New York, and I handle them myself, I don’t farm out my clients to someone they don’t know.