Don’t pay for more than you need

If you’re charged with a crime for the first time in Erie County, we can help keep those charges off your record and let you get on with your life at a price that is based in reality.

There’s no guarantee, but because most prosecutors and judges recognize that everyone makes mistakes, most first time offenders are given a break that means they’ll walk away from their case without a record that will follow them for the rest of their lives.  It isn’t an automatic, and you shouldn’t walk in to court expecting it, but an experienced and qualified attorney can usually take all the steps necessary to make your mistake doesn’t haunt you forever in just one or two court appearances with very little extra time or expense.  It really isn’t rocket science, but it’s slightly more complicated than stacking blocks.

While some attorneys charge first time clients the same as a hardened criminal whose case might present greater challenges, we don’t think that’s fair.  That’s why we offer a flat fee for first time offenders.  If you qualify, you’ll pay just $350.00 for an experienced and skilled attorney to handle your case from beginning to end.  You may qualify for this drastically reduced fee if:

  • You’re charged with a misdemeanor or violation in a City, Town or Village Court in Erie County;
  • You have never been charged with a misdemeanor before;
  • You are not charged DWI, Assault, Aggravated Harassment, Harassment or Criminal Contempt;
  • You appear in Court as scheduled.

It’s okay to be suspicious of this offer.  In fact, that’s probably a good indication that you’re the kind of client we like to represent.  Here’s why we offer this reduced price to first time offenders:  we want more people out there to know our name.  In fact, we want you to be so impressed with our work that you gladly sing our praises every time you hear someone looking for an attorney.  Our normal fee for misdemeanors starts at $1000.00.

To see if you qualify, use this contact form.