Thank you

Sean Frederick Auricchio,

April 13, 2006 to January 17, 2013

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you for your support during a difficult time.  My son, Sean, was a special child that brought unfathomable joy to our lives.  We don’t know why God took him from us, but we do know that we loved him and that his life was filled with joy from beginning to end.

Since his death, we have been truly humbled by the support we have received from our friends, family, teachers, classmates, clients, clerks, judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agents and officers who have expressed their support through countless cards, meals, donations, kind words, and even hugs.

Sean was 6 years old.  At the age of two, doctors diagnosed him with Autism and discovered brain damage in areas of his brain that control speech.  In spite of his challenges, Sean was an incredibly warm and loving boy who was easy with a laugh and quick to smile.  He attended the Preschool Learning Center in Springville, New York, and we will forever be in the debt of the teachers, staff and administration who made his time on this earth better through their hard work, patience and dedication to the goal of balance between acceptance of his limitations and the realization of his potential.

Sean also received the help of other angels, including his advocates at The Heritage Centers, and a number of very special speech, occupational and physical therapists, each of whom went beyond the call of duty in giving Sean every opportunity to attain his potential.  Sean became excited to spend time with “his ladies” who helped him overcome countless challenges and gave him the tools to enjoy life to the fullest.

We are comforted by your support during his life and since his death.  It has reaffirmed our belief in the value of kindness, empathy and understanding.  It has reaffirmed our faith in man, and God.