What is this blog thing and what do i do with it?

You probably know me, since I am kind of a big deal. If you do know me personally, you understand why I am so well loved and adored. If you don’t know me personally, I suppose a blog would help you to understand my awesome awesomeness. I’m so awesome that after you read a few more words, you’ll stop seeing the typographical errors in this post. You see? It’s already working. My awesomeness has so overwhelmed you that you are incapable of seeing my mistakes.

I know what you’re thinking, if I were so awesome, I wouldn’t make mistakes. You only say that because all awesome people have the power to make you overlook their mistakes. Because of that, you believe all awesome people are perfect. Truth be told, my cat started typing for me about a half a paragraph ago, and you still find meaning in his unintelligible dribble because my awesome hit you hard at about word 23.

You’ll also forgive the rambling nature of my awesomeness, it’s just I am so excited to share my awesomeness with you that I get a little eager.

So now that I have established trust with you as the reader, I think it’s time to put some substance here. I am a lawyer, have been since 2001. I started my career as a prosecutor, enjoyed that, then decided to start my own firm. So in 2009 I struck out on my own as a solo practitioner.

I plan on posting two kinds of information here: my experiences with the law, and my experiences with the world. I enjoy writing, I always have, and more than one friend has told me that I need a hobby. I figured I give this a try.