Cheektowaga Traffic Ticket Defense

Please don’t plead guilty.

I will work with you to save you a ton of money.  You know by now that points on your license can have a variety of collateral consequences.  You might have already learned that New York shares the record of any moving violations with every other State and that most states will transfer points from New York to your record at home.  That goes for Ontario and Quebec too.

You can use the form below to start the process.

If you have been charged with vehicle and traffic infraction such as speeding, I can help. By making the process as simple as possible, I can keep my fee simply reasonable.   Here’s what I can provide:

  • I will appear in Court for you.  Our clients are almost always allowed to stay home.
  • I will obtain a reduction of the charges to reduce or eliminate demerit points.  Over 90 percent of my clients over the last two years eliminated their points.
  • I will obtain lower fines and surcharges.

The process is simple:

  • Send me your ticket and your driving record.  I am an attorney admitted to practice in New York with offices in Western New York, and handle hundreds of traffic tickets each year.  You use the form below to send the ticket, or you can text, fax or email it to us.
  • I’ll respond with an email that contains a legal document prepared specifically for your case.  Sign them and mail them back to me.
  • We will obtain a reduction of the charges on your behalf, then notify you of the fine imposed by the Court.  You’ll get instructions on how to pay your fine and a notice of when it’s due.

There’s nothing tricky about what I do.  I simply handle hundreds of traffic tickets each year, and I am familiar with the procedures for this Court.  I use my accumulated skill and knowledge to get your charge reduced.  If I am not confident that I can save you money, compared to the cost of pleading guilty, then I will not take your case.  

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