Hamburg Town Court

  • Do not plead guilty on the ticket you received, the consequences are more costly than you might think;
  • We can eliminate or reduce the points, and we do that over 90 percent of the time;
  • We can usually appear in Court without you.
  • The process is as simple as possible: get started here.

If you have been charged with a traffic ticket in Hamburg Town Court, you should carefully consider your options before you plead guilty as charged.

In most cases, we can save you time and money by appearing in Court for you and obtaining a plea bargain that will eliminate the points and reduce the fine, all without the need for you to go to driving school.  If you plead guilty as charged,  you will face points and a higher fine.  By retaining an attorney, you will likely save money as compared to what would happen if you just send in your ticket with a plea of guilty.

Courts do not punish people for hiring a lawyer or pleading not guilty. In fact, most courts recognize that working through and attorney makes their job easier too.

If you have been charged with Speeding in Hamburg Town Court, we can help reduce or eliminate the points you would face.  Instead of pleading guilty to a moving violation, we advise clients to plead not guilty and allow us to appear in Court on their behalf.  We commonly obtain a plea bargain that results in NO points, and a lower fine.  Where a client is from out of town, we appear without them to save their time, and simply notify them of the results, along with instructions on how to pay the fine and the deadline imposed by the Court.

When you receive a ticket, you have a choice of simply pleading guilty or pleading not guilty.  If you plead guilty to speeding or any other moving violation, New York State will assess points against your driving record.  New York will also share the record of that conviction with nearly every other State and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.   In the case of speeding, when New York shares the record of your conviction, your home state or province will post points to your record at home.

As a result, our goal in any case is simple:

  1. Eliminate the points that would result from the charge;
  2. Reduce the fines that would result from the charge;
  3. Save the client’s time by appearing on their behalf.

Points are important because Insurance Companies use your driving record to set your premiums.  The more points on your record, the higher your premium.  Some experts estimate that a single moving violation can cause a driver’s premium to go up as much as thirty percent, and that increase typically applies for three years following the conviction.

Hamburg Town Court is one of the busiest traffic Courts in New York State, and ranked number seven in revenue in 2010.  The town of Hamburg includes several busy roadways, include the I-90 and Route 5, each of which are frequently used by tourists and visitors to the Western New York area.

We frequently handle a variety of matters, from Criminal to Vehicle and Traffic matters, in this Court and would be happy to help you. Our basic fee in Hamburg is $215.  That basic fee is a flat fee, meaning there aren’t any hidden fees or costs.  Our fee does not include any fines or surcharges that may be imposed by the Court.

Past results do not ensure future outcomes, each case varies.  Fees vary based upon the complexity of your case.