Pomfret Town Court Traffic Tickets

Don’t Plead Guilty.

Did you get a ticket in Pomfret Town Court?  Don’t plead guilty.  The cost of a typical speeding ticket can cost hundreds of dollars.  While the fine for most speeding tickets is unlikely to be more than $400, the points posted to your driving record can result in a substantial increase in your automobile insurance premiums, as much as thirty percent over three years.  You can do the math, but lets say your premium is currently $1000. A single point on your driving record can cost as much as $900.

Once you plead guilty to a moving violation, there’s now way around it, you will have points assessed against your driving record. There’s just no such thing as pleading guilty with an explanation.  Because New York State shares its records with most States as well as Ontario and Quebec, those points will follow you no matter where you’re from.

But there’s a way to avoid these costs and protect your driving record.  You can retain a local attorney with experience in thousands of vehicle and traffic matters and a track record of outstanding results.

No points. No Court.

By eliminating the points and reducing the fine that would be imposed if you just plead guilty we can save you hundreds of dollars.  In most cases, our clients never have to set foot in Court, which means if you aren’t from Western New York, you don’t have to travel back to Pomfret just for Court.  

We frequently represent motorists in Pomfret Town Court. While past results don’t guarantee results in your case, we’re proud to say that since 2010, over 90 percent of our clients have eliminated the points that could have resulted from their charges, without ever having to come to Court.  Once a client retains our services, we obtain authorization to appear in Court on their behalf, so they don’t ever step foot in the courthouse.  For clients that live outside of the area, that saves them the cost of traveling to Court.

It might seem strange, but you can save hundreds by hiring a lawyer.

We work hard to negotiate a plea with the Court and Prosecutor that eliminates the points and reduces the fine from their original charges.  Once we reach an agreement with the Prosecutor and the Court accepts the reduction, we notify our client of the fine, and provide instructions on how to pay the fine imposed.  Typically, the fine is reduced from a maximum fine of about $300, to a maximum fine of $175.00. While that’s obviously not a huge saving by itself, the true savings come from the elimination of the points that would otherwise have been posted to their driving record.

Points can cause your insurance premiums to increase as much as thirty percent over three years.  You can do the math, but that means if your current insurance premium is $1000, a single point on your license can cost as much as $900.00.

We charge a flat fee of $250.00 for most traffic violations in Pomfret Town Court.  That means that we save our clients $500 or more.  To request a free review of your case, please use our form, here.  We try to make the process as simple as possible.  If you can’t use our form, just use your smart phone to send a picture of your ticket to us. Just use this link to email Attorney James Quinn Auricchio directly.  There’s no cost or obligation from asking for us to review your matter.

Pomfret Town Court is located at 9-11 Church Street, Village hall, 3rd floor, Fredonia, NY 14063. Their phone number is Phone: 716-672-6878.  Keep in mind that Court Clerks and employees are not permitted to give legal advice.  
Past results do not guarantee future results.  Our flat fee is non-refundable and while we cannot guarantee results in every case, we’re confident we can save you money.