Terms and Conditions

 The fine print on our Vehicle and Traffic Practice


I didn’t go to law school to handle traffic tickets, but after nine years as a prosecutor, I started handling traffic tickets as a way to get my name out there as a defense attorney.  I’ve had a lot of success as a defense attorney since then, but I still handle traffic matters, because, well, I’m good at it. Today I handle hundreds of tickets across western New York State.

We handle Vehicle and Traffic Cases on a Flat fee basis. That means our fee will not change, no matter how much time we spend on your case. I try to keep my fee as low as possible, so that I can be confident that I’ve earned it by providing a result that provides a savings compared to simply pleading guilty.

I do not make any guarantees as to the result in any case.  The reason is simple:  It’s insulting to the Judge and Prosecutor to claim that no matter what they think, I can get a certain result.  The last thing you need is an insulted Judge or Prosecutor.  I also don’t handle cases outside of Western New York.  That’s because I have found my services are more effective when I am familiar with each Court and their procedures.

We need three things before we can resolve your case:

1.    Payment.  We have to be paid to be retained and we can’t tell the court we’re retained if we’re not.  If we’re not retained, we have no authority to act on your behalf.  Please pay by using our secure payment portal.  There’s a link to that in the email that this document came in, but here’s the link, just in case:  http://alohub.com/pay. Although it’s not required, if you don’t mind, use your client case number: <<CLIENTID>>.

2.    Your signature.  Sign and mail (snail mail, sorry) Document A and the Duplicate Original Document A  attached.  This document will allow us to prove I’m really your lawyer and appear in court without you. Mail it to: Auricchio Law, 484 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14202.

3.    Your record.  Most courts require a copy of your driving record.  Almost every State and Province provides access to your record online.  We don’t need a certified record, but it has to be accurate or you’ll make things worse.  We’ll send you a link for your DMV records website.

Please try to get us your record and signature within ten days.  You don’t need to send it over night or express mail, regular mail will work just fine. I just need that before I can meet with the prosecutor in your case.

Terms and Conditions of Limited Scope Legal Services

This document serves as notice to you of the terms and conditions of the legal services we offer. Its Purpose is to clarify the nature and scope of our services. Upon payment of any fees you retain the services of a private attorney, licensed to practice law in the State of New York.  The Attorney retained is not affiliated with any public agency such as the Court or any Law Enforcement Agency.  You are not required to retain an attorney for this matter, and you are free to handle this matter without the assistance of this or any attorney.

1.    We will not act on your behalf, nor be obligated to appear in Court in your matter unless and until our flat fee for legal services is paid in full.  Our fee represents a flat fee which is non-refundable. This flat fee is based upon the anticipated time required to complete the work within the scope provided below, as well as  the loss of opportunity presented by our engagement on your behalf.  The scope of legal services provided under this agreement is provided below.

2.    Our services are limited to the following:

a.    Preparation and transmission of a waiver of appearance and plea authorization, attached;

b.    Notice to the Court of our representation;

c. Appearance in any manner acceptable to the Court and advocacy on your behalf with the Officer, Prosecutor and Court for the purpose of obtaining a reduction of the charges against you, be plea bargain or following trial;

d.Preparation and transmission of a notice of disposition as well as instructions on the      method and manner of payment required by the Court. This notice will be transmitted to you at the email address you have provided, the same address to which this document was transmitted.  For that reason, you should make certain that your email remains functional during the pendancy of this case. We cannot control, nor are we responsible for interception of any correspondence by your Internet Service Provider, Email Server or third party software. You should add our email address to your contacts to prevent filtering of any future communication.

3.    We are not responsible for payment of any fines or surcharges imposed by the Court as a result of the disposition reached in this matter.  You are solely responsible for the timely payment of these fines and surcharges to the Court. If you fail to pay these fines and fees in a timely manner, your license may be suspended and additional charges, fines and fees may result. We are not allowed to submit payment on your behalf, and payment of fines should be sent directly to the Court.

4.    We make no warranties or promises as to the results in your case.  Please keep in mind that any points assessed on your license as the result of a conviction for moving violations may have a collateral effect. Our services provided under this engagement do not include legal counsel or advice as to these collateral effects, such as any increase of your premiums for insurance or administrative assessments or fees imposed by New York State.

5.    You may communicate with our offices by sending an email to the Attorney at the following email address:  jqa@auricchiolawfirm.com.  Please understand that our flat fee does not include any time required for additional consultation, and any communication outside the scope of this agreement will be provided as courtesy.

By submitting payment for these legal services, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  If you fail to submit payment within five business days of the transmission of this document, we reserve the right to decline this engagement, and any fees, less processing fees imposed by our third party payment processor, will be refunded.

6.    Lawyer looks fatter in person.   Finally, you are advised that any photograph of the attorney contained in this document may distort the actual dimensions of his face, in a vain effort to appear more slim than in reality.  It’s him, it’s just he may have “adjusted” the photo a tinsy tiny bit.  This paragraph is a joke, and is intended to make you laugh.  Please disregard this paragraph for any other purpose.  We want you to be comfortable with this process, so we figured making you laugh might help.

We handle hundreds of these cases each year, and hope you will trust our ability and commitment to your matter.  We do take our obligation to you seriously, but we try not to take ourselves to seriously in the process.