Thank you!


Thank you for submitting your information regarding your traffic ticket.  Your submission will appear in my email within a few minutes.  If I am able, I will take a look right away and let you know if I can help. If I don’t think I can save you time and money, I’ll tell you.  Because you’re the only one that can figure out what your time is worth, I’ll respond no matter what, just in case I’m wrong.

The cost of your ticket can be broken down into three areas:

  • Direct Costs – the fine and surcharge that you’ll face if convicted.
  • Time Costs – the value of your time and the amount of time you’ll need to handle the matter yourself.
  • Indirect costs – the impact your conviction will have on your insurance, your driving record, and your employment.

These costs vary, depending on a variety of factors.  For example, judges are given a lot of discretion on fines, some Courts make drivers appear in Court more than once if they are handling their ticket themselves, and every insurance company deals with points differently.  Obviously, you’re the only one that can put a value on your time.  For some people, the value of skipping court is enough justify our fee.

We make every effort to reduce these costs for our clients by:

  • Negotiating a reduction of the charge against you to reduce the fine.
  • Appearing in Court without you, so that you don’t lose time traveling to or sitting in Court or driving school.
  • Eliminating the points that the DMV and Insurance companies use to determine your safety as a driver.

We do this by filing an authorization form with the Court that will allow us to appear without you.  Then we request a conference with the Prosecutor or Police Officer that is responsible for handling your matter.  We’re familiar with most Courts in Western New York, we know what factors each court considers and what we can reasonably expect to achieve on your behalf.  If an offer isn’t good enough, we’ll take the case to trial if we’re absolutely confident we can get a better result.

We tracked our results from 2011 to September of 2013.  I’m happy to say that, during that time, we eliminated points for about 93 percent of our clients.

Our fee in most courts is $250.  Our fee is a flat fee, which means we will not charge you another penny to handle your ticket.  Our actual fee is based upon the average amount of time it takes to handle your matter.  If your ticket was filed in a Court we handle a lot, we charge less, because we can split the time up with other clients.  For that reason, our prices do vary, based upon our current case load.

If we can help, I will send you instructions on how to get us on board.   We’ll send you:

  1. The legal documents to authorize us to handle this case;
  2. Instructions on how to obtain your driving record;
  3. A link to our secure payment portal for payment of our flat fee.

Did you know?

  • New York State shares its records of conviction with every state, and has agreed to reciprocity with 38.
  • New York shares and reciprocates with Ontario and Quebec.
  • American Insurance Industry experts estimate that a single point on your record can cause your insurance rates to go up an average of thirty percent over three years.
  • Most Courts will require you to provide a copy of you driving record before they agree to any reduction of the charges against you.
  • Most Courts in Western New York will allow your attorney to appear in Court without you, if the proper legal waivers are submitted to the Court.